Big Country: We’re Not in Kansas (The Live Bootleg Box Set 1993-1998) – Review

BC 1

It’s possible to divide the career of Big Country into two phases (with admittedly subsections within them) which largely correspond to the decades in which they were released. There is the swirling, soaring success of the ‘80’s, which saw breakthrough album ‘The Crossing’ followed by Number One placed ‘Steeltown’ and the Number Two placed ‘The Seer’. This would be the era of anthems such as ‘Fields of Fire’, ‘In a Big Country’, ‘Chance’ and ‘Look Away’ and arena tours. Big Country were seen as being in the vanguard of that nebulous genre of “Celtic Rock” (despite not a single member being born in Scotland) and occasionally stereotyped with glib “bagpipe guitar” soundbites. They were a formidable live act as well as being successful in the charts.

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