‘The Nashville Sound’ – Jason Isbell: Album Review


Songs of insight, empathy and knowledge, his best work yet.

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‘The Black Chat’ – Abbo on the roots of Goth


UK Decay frontman Steve ‘Abbo’ Abbott on Dylan Thomas, Beethoven and that interview. 

The recent release of the 5 CD boxset, Silhouettes and Statues, A Gothic Revolution 1978-86 has prompted a fresh analysis of what has become one of the most enduring subcultures over the past thirty years. With the standardised, almost corporate, image associated with the movement today, it is easy to overlook that the birth of the dark scene was actually forged in the white heat of the Punk and Post-Punk scene of the late Seventies and early Eighties. One of the main torch bearers of this scene, and certainly one of the most influential, was UK Decay and I recently caught up with frontman Abbo, whose interview with Steve Keaton for Sounds in February 1981 saw the term ‘Punk Gothique’ coined for the first time.

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