Steve Diggle, Buzzcocks – Classic Interview from 2014



I interviewed Steve Diggle of Buzzcocks a couple of years ago, just as their most recent album, The Way, was about to be launched. The interview was originally featured on Louder Than War in October 2014. I think the interview captures the essence of Steve and Buzzcocks very well and is certainly worth another read.


Steve Diggle’s enthusiasm is infectious. He believes that Buzzcocks have just recorded one of their finest albums and is itching to get out on the road and do what he loves best, sharing his music with the people he identifies most with, the audience. Speaking to Louder Than War during a brief rest between completing a US tour and starting the UK leg, Steve’s passion for The Way was tangible.

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‘The Rover’ by Aphra Behn: The Swan Theatre, Stratford Upon Avon – Review

 An amorous and exhilarating blend of colour, intrigue and passion


‘The Rover’, The Royal Shakespeare Company.

Directed by Loveday Ingram

The Swan Theatre, Stratford Upon Avon until February 11th 2017

Photo Credit – Ellie Kurttz

Perhaps one of the greatest triumphs of this outstanding Loveday Ingram production is that it has drawn more widespread appreciation for the writer Aphra Behn. Secret agent, proto- feminist, novelist, translator and propagandist among other things, Behn was the first professional female writer in England and Virginia Woolf said that “it was she who earned (women) the right to speak their minds”.

Loveday Ingram discovered The Rover on a shelf in the RSC and was instantly struck by the possibilities of the exotic and amorous story. It’s easy to see the resonance in late 2016 of a group of dashing and romantic fun-lovers escaping the increasingly puritanical and small-minded shores of England to a life of hedonism and excitement in Spain. While the cavaliers of Behn’s original story, who were fleeing Cromwell’s England after the execution of King Charles 1st, found love and adventure in Southern Europe, Ingram has cleverly relocated the story to South America during Carnival. This setting, coupled with Lez Brotherston’s stunning design, allows the intertwining tales of those seeking love, adventure or freedom to coalesce into a visually stunning spectacle.

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