Slade to perform in Wrexham


Slade, who play The William Aston Hall on Sunday, are a band who have certainly played a big role in the story of British popular music.

Forming in the mid-60’s and influenced by the Delta Blues, they developed a strong live following under their original name of ‘N Betweens, they rose to prominence after changing their name to Slade under the guidance of Chas Chandler, Jimi Hendrix’s manager.

Their powerful live performances began to be captured in their writing and recording, especially with their debut hit ‘Get Down and Get With It’, previously recorded by Little Richard. From there Slade went from strength to strength as they captured the zeitgeist of the ‘Glam-Rock’ movement.

Whilst song-writers Noddy Holder and Jim Lea are no longer with the band, originals drummer Don Powell and guitarist Dave Hill are still on board. It was Hill who told Holder and Lea in the band’s heyday, “you write them and I’ll sell them”. He was true to his word with his increasingly flamboyant outfits adding a much-needed splash of colour to the times.

The hits kept coming, and will be performed on Sunday in what is sure to be a stellar set-list. However, possibly the most remarkable thing about Slade is the Lazarus-like comeback they made after the hits dried up in the later-70’s. Standing in at very short notice for Ozzy Osbourne at the 1980 Reading Rock Festival, they turned in one of the all-time great festival appearances and embarked on a renaissance with a new generation of hard-rock fans.

With the Punk, Metal and Indie movements all being influenced by Slade, there is no doubting their credentials as one of our great bands. Those who attend on Sunday are sure to enjoy a non-stop barrage of hits, including the ubiquitous ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’.

For tickets and further details go here


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