Joe Solo Interview


Never Be Defeated – Joe Solo talks about the research and recording of his album about Hatfield Main Colliery during the Miners’ Strike.

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Drive By Truckers: American Band – Album Review


The most important record of the year.

Drive By Truckers release their eleventh studio album, appropriately enough at a time when the US political battle lines are clearly drawn, and make no bones about exactly where they sit in the debate.

Song-writers Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley are fully prepared for the backlash that will inevitably follow from those who feel music and politics shouldn’t mix, or those who simply object to the views the album represents. Hood has described the album as “a rock and roll call to arms as well as a musical re-set button for our band” while Cooley has stated “I wanted this to be a no bones about it, in your face political album, I wanted to piss off the assholes.” It is attitudes as trenchant as this, alongside issues of race relations, gun crime and immigration addressed in songs of immense quality, that makes American Band the most important record of the year.

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