Ruts DC: Music Must Destroy – Album Review

A triumphant reminder of the power and energy of one of the greatest Punk acts.


Ruts DC have a serious heritage to uphold and Music Must Destroy is worthy of another entry into their hall of fame.

Always one of the most talented and original of the bands to emerge from the Punk movement, The Ruts rode the late-70’s ‘second wave’ and crashed ashore with one hell of an impact. With songs of rare power allied with great riffs and a fine ear for melody, they were always on a winner. However, the lyrics and arrangements always marked them out as a rare talent and the tragically early death of frontman Malcom Owen robbed us (and them) of who knows what.

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The Good Life Experience: Day Two and Three – Report

Superb selection of music and activities under brilliant skies and a harvest moon


The Good Life Experience was bathed in brilliant sunshine and bewitching moonlight and both looked down on a fantastic weekend of music, talks and a wide range of activities.

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The Good Life Experience – Day 1 Report


“I ain’t living like I should, a little rest might do me good”. My co-conspirators and I have bunked over the wall from the rat race and while we may not care exactly where we go, we know we’re sure to get SOMEWHERE if only we walk long enough.

That SOMEWHERE lies beneath the ruined battlements of Hawarden Castle where The Good Life Experience welcomes us again as we cross that rickety bridge between summer and autumn. Three days of music, literature, the Great Outdoors and a lot more await.

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Hugh Cornwell: Buckley Tivoli – Live Review


Everything changes and nothing changes. In a world increasingly driven by social media, file sharing and downloads the acid test for an artist is still the live arena. That is where you get to see the strength of their back catalogue set alongside the quality of newer material and, crucially, are they still fully engaged or going through the motions?

The chilly winds that signalled the start of autumn also blew Hugh Cornwell to North Wales. The Tivoli in Buckley is a venue that stands defiantly in favour of live music and, in a region where such places are perilously rare, deserves all the support it can get. Likewise Hugh Cornwell, who really doesn’t need to be here tonight but is up there performing a set that ticks every box and is clearly relishing every minute of it.

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Thirteen Shades of Blue: Nine Below Zero – Album Review


Masterly tribute to Blues Classics

The master blasters of R and B have gone back into the studio, and back to school, to produce one of the outstanding records of 2016.

Dennis Greaves has led the classic line-up, who certainly have done their homework, through a step by step education of the different styles of Blues music, and what an education it is. Thirteen Shades of Blue hits you straight between the eyes with the new big-band sound complete with brass section, keyboards and backing vocals by a new artist of huge potential.

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